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Stardust Illusion
Current Residence: Studio aka my study.
Favourite photographer: Dayle and Grace
Favourite style of art: Manga/Anime
Operating System: Mac and Windows
MP3 player of choice: iTunes, iPod + iPad
Skin of choice: Uh.. Human skin
Favourite cartoon character: Might make a journal on this one.
  • Listening to: Shuffled Music
  • Watching: deviantArt
  • Playing: Music
Won't waste any time :P

To Do Cosplay's

Naruto (1st Series)
Naruto (Shippuden, Supanova '11)
Naruto - Hokage - (Fanart version)
Naruto (Dragon Blade Chronicles)
Naruto (Broken Youth version)
Naruto (Gakuen version)
Sasuke (1st Series, Black Jumpsuit and Blue and White outfit)
Sasuke (Shippuden, Zip up top)
Sasuke (Dragon Blade Chronicles)
Hinata (1st Series)
Hinata (Shippuden)
Naruto (Kyuubi mode)
Naruto (Sage Mode)
Hinata (Original Kimono version, will make myself)
Tsunade (..She only has one outfit.. -.-|||)
Temari (1st Series, Normal)
Temari (1st Series, Chuunin Exams)
Temari (Shippuden, completed but will improve it)
Kyuubi (Original Secret version, will make myself)
Itachi Uchiha (Akatsuki)
Konan (Akatsuki)
Deidara (Akatsuki)
Kushina (Original version, will make myself)
Kushina (Normal)

Kingdom Hearts
Roxas (Twilight Town)
Roxas (Original, Halloween Town)
Roxas (Original, Christmas Town)
Roxas (Organization XIII, completed but will improve)
Roxas (Original, School)
Axel (Organization XIII)
Demyx (Organization XIII)
Zexion (Organization XIII)
Sora (Kingdom Hearts 1)
Sora (Kingdom Hearts 2)
Sora (Original, School)
Kairi (Kingdom Hearts 2)
Ven (Birth By Sleep)

Soul Eater
Black Star (Normal)
Death the Kid (Normal)
Tsubaki (Normal)

Shuichi (Singing Outfit)
Shuichi (Original, Casual)

Mew (First Movie)

Death Note
Misa (Gothic Outfit)
L (Normal)

Harry Potter
Harry (Griffindor Uniform)
Luna Lovegood (Ravenclaw Uniform)
Lilly Evans (Orginal, Younger version, Griffindor Uniform)

Cardcaptor Sakura
Sakura (Cardcaptor Outfit)
Sakura (1st Season Opening version)
Sakura (2nd Season Opening version)

Sango (Kimono version)

Fushigi Yuugi
Miaka (Priestess version)
Miaka (School Uniform)
Miaka (Original, Kimono version)

Sailor Moon
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Moon (Holy Grail version)
Sailor Cosmos
Neo-Queen Serenity (Manga version)
Princess Serena/Serenity (Manga version)

Final Fantasy (All)
Cloud (FFVII - Advent Children)
Yuffie Kisaragi (FFVII - Advent Children)
Tifa Lockheart (FFVII - Advent Children)
Reno (FFVII - Advent Children)
Yuna (Songstress version, FFX-2)
Yuna (Summoner version, FFX-2)
Yuna (Kingdom Hearts 2 version)
Lenne (FFX-2)
Lightning (FFXIII)
Serah Farron (FFXIII)
Vanille (FFXIII)

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles
Sakura (Princess version)
Sakura (Summer Uniform)

Ciel (Fancy Blue version,…, Supanova '11)
Ciel (Female version, pink dress)
Alois Trancy (Normal Outfit)
Joker (Normal Outfit)
Grell (Normal Outfit)

Miku (Magnet version)
Miku (Sandplay Singing Of The Dragon version)
Miku (Black Rock Shooter Leather version)
Miku (Dreaming Little Bird version)
Miku (Normal Outfit)
Miku (Maiden version)
Rin (Normal Outfit)
Rin (Long Kimono version)
Rin (Short Magnet version)
Rin (Long Magnet version)
Rin (Sandplay Singing Of The Dragon version)
Rin (Hakamairi version)
Luka (Normal Outfit)
Luka (Magnet version)

Ouran High School Host Club
Honey (Ouran Uniform)
Honey (Wonderland version)
Haruhi (Ouran Uniform)
Haruhi (26th Episode Dress)

Ritsuka (Casual)
Soubi (Unsure)

Haruhi Suzumiya
Mikuru (School Uniform)
Haruhi (School Uniform)

Pandora Hearts
Oz (Normal Outfit)
Oz (Artbook versions, will make myself)
Gil/Raven (Normal Outfit)
Gil/Raven (Artbook versions, will make myself)
Young Gil (Will start to make soon)
Alice (Normal Outfit)
Alice (Artbook versions, will make myself)
Will of Abyss (Normal Outfit)
Cheshire (Normal Outfit)

Vampire Knight
Yuuki (Day Class Uniform)
Yuuki (Night Class Uniform)
Yuuki (Vampire version)
Rima (Night Class Uniform)

Shugo Chara
Amu (Guardian School Outfit)
Amulet Spade
Amulet Dia

Fruits Basket
Torhu (School Uniform)
Momiji (School Uniform)
Kisa (School Uniform)

Moe Kara
Hikaru (Casual version)

Beauty Pop
Kei Minami (Casual version)

Chii (Lolita Pink Dress version)
Chii (Lolita Blue Dress version)

Romeo x Juliet
Juliet (Dress version)


I'll update when I remember other cosplay's I want to do :D and what is in progress and almost completed and such..


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